26 September 2010

The Secret Garden

These are the final photos from my shoot in London in August...

It was a great day shooting with a lovely team, my 2nd time working with model Rosanna & Mua Michelle and my first collab with Stylist Rachel.

The location was absolutely stunning, there was so much more that we just didn't have time to capture, so its definitely a possibility that I will use it again sometime. Although it was in London & a public space, I was surprised at how quiet & peaceful it was - we had a few people go past throughout the day but in general it was a really successful shoot.

Model: Rosanna @ First Model Management
MUA & Hair: Michelle Dacillo
Styling: Rachel West
Photography & Retouching: Me

22 September 2010

Back To Uni

This week I started back at uni (Cambridge School Of Art) for my final year studying BA(hons) Photography..

I went back all excited about my projects but now feel overwhelmed by the work I need to do and how much I need to push myself this year.

We have a photography project to do this term, alongside a 6000 word dissertation (which I haven't been looking forward to!) And then next term we'll be doing our final major project which we will then be exhibiting in Cambridge and London.

I can't believe how quickly this has all gone, and that in June I will be finished and 'out in the real world'

21 September 2010

LouLou Loves You

Here are my final photos from my shoot for www.louloulovesyou.com

Behind the scenes photos can be seen on my previous post - http://sophieellenlachowycz.blogspot.com/2010/08/loulou-loves-you-behind-scenes.html

Model: Skye @ Oxygen
MUA & Hair: Sandra Bermingham
Accessories: LouLou Loves You
Photography & Retouching: Me

15 September 2010

Love Baby Grand - Behind The Scenes

Here are some behind the scenes photos from my shoot last Saturday in London for www.lovebabygrand.com

These were taken by lovely assistant www.lauraribeiro.co.uk

14 September 2010

Derelict Still Life Shoot

Recently I collaborated with photographer Ellie Harvey - www.ellieharvey.com - on a shoot different from what we normally do.

We're both mainly portrait photographers so decided to try something completely different for a change, but still fashion related.

I borrowed a load of random clothing and props from Nikki Goldup & Ellie came with some beautiful dresses she borrowed from Arisa Fukumoto and other props.
We headed to a derelict raf base and just had a great day of playing about with everything without the constraints of having to get some good photos (also having a laugh hiding from the police!)

Here are some of my photos from the day..

A Behind The Scenes Ellie took of me blowing up balloons -

Agenda Magazine

Here's a scan of my photos of Sian & Pete's Wedding in Agenda Magazine (same spread also in Wedding Days Magazine)


13 September 2010

Equestrian Fashion Photoshoot

Here are the final photos from my Equestrian Fashion photoshoot.

Behind the scenes can be seen in another post - http://sophieellenlachowycz.blogspot.com/2010/08/horse-photoshoot.html

Models - Linda & Sofia
MUA - Louise Ormiston
Hair - Nicole Geary
Styling - Goldup / Martin / Howes
Photography & Retouching - Me

3 September 2010


I've just got back from a few days away in south wales, which was lovely.
It was really nice to have a break before I go back to uni, we spent the few days travelling around the area, photographing derelicts, a waterfall and trying out some landscape photography for a change!
Here's some of our photos from the trip - some snapshots and some of my photos

The sheep didn't seem to like me!

At the stunning waterfall -

Me photographing away at the derelicts

Some of my photos of a derelict hospital & boy's village -