21 August 2011


Recently I've been taking some time out away from my online profiles, so I apologise that this blog post is long overdue.
After finishing uni I decided that I needed a break to enjoy the summer, spend time with my family & working out where I want to go from here.

I finished uni with an Upper Second Class Bachelor of the Arts Degree with Honours. After three years of hard work I am proud to say that and the fact I managed to stick with it.
My course was definitely hard work and a struggle at times, but I totally believe I'm better off with a degree as it gives me a lot more career choices.

The past month or so has gone so quickly and to be honest I'm no closer to a decision about my photography & future career, so for now I'm going to say that I'm continuing to be a bit absent, but will definitely be working on something soon.

I have set up a Tumblr blog that I will be posting more personal stuff on which will probably be more regular than this blog.

I also recently got a lovely little hamster called Honey. Her cage is on my desk next to my Mac & she keeps me company whilst I work -

Also Sandra Reynolds Agency have launched their new website which features my photographs on the main page -