23 October 2011


Recently I've been taking some time out from my photography as I've been working full time as a retoucher for a photography company, as well as trying to rest.
The months are flying by so quickly at the moment and I forget that I should update this sooner!

Although I haven't been doing as much photography lately, there are still a few things that have been happening:

A couple of my photos were published in High Profile magazine, as part of a feature on designer Omar Mansoor -

I've started trying to work on some self portraits(!). Here is the first one -

I had my graduation ceremony and am officially a Graduate now! -

And of course I'm still taking photos of my lovely pet hamster Honey -

Alongside my work I will be busy over the next couple of months with some client shoots and photographing a November Wedding.
I will try to update my websites a bit more regularly =)