20 April 2013


A few(!) photographs from our recent trip to Edinburgh. It was a lovely few days away, seeing all the animals at the zoo (the pandas being the main reason we went), shopping and eating out at great restaurants. The panda bag featured in the last photo is my new camera bag, a present from my family for my birthday :)

13 April 2013


Two of my sisters on my birthday and the panda cake that they made me.

8 April 2013

Twenty Three

Tomorrow, 9th April, is my 23rd birthday... Last year I posted this, with a note about my high hopes for the year, but I never expected it to have gone like it did.
The past year has been life changing, as cliche as that sounds I now find myself in a completely different life to the one I had last year.
I always seem to write about starting again, a new beginning, so this time I'm not going to. I'm fed up of starting again and just want to feel settled.

7 April 2013

Cat Lady

6 April 2013

Yara II

2 April 2013


A couple of weeks ago I was shortlisted for theprintspace's fashion competition and after voting finished I came second place. A big thank you to everyone that voted for my photograph!
I won three 20 x 24 inch prints, of which I still need to decide the photographs to be printed, and a feature on their blog which you can read here.


1 April 2013