30 August 2014


Recently I've had a couple of shoots with male models rather unintentionally, a menswear look book (I'll be uploading this soon) and this test with Josh at Supa. I was actually on the phone to them about testing with girls and ended up talking about working with guys too, the male model booker liked my work and was keen for me to give it a go.
Josh was the last person I photographed on a busy 'go see' day in the studio, working with make up artist Hannah Sorcha again. It was a fun, relaxed shoot with the last sunlight of the day streaming through the windows. I experimented with film and digital, I had my film cameras on hand as I was shooting for my project Femme before this.
Josh was a pleasure to photograph and it just felt like a natural collaboration.. I guess I'm saying I'm keen to expand my portfolio with more male photography! It kind of feels like a progression on from Femme too? & It's important to push yourself outside of your comfort zone isn't it?

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