30 August 2014


Recently I've had a couple of shoots with male models rather unintentionally, a menswear look book (I'll be uploading this soon) and this test with Josh at Supa. I was actually on the phone to them about testing with girls and ended up talking about working with guys too, the male model booker liked my work and was keen for me to give it a go.
Josh was the last person I photographed on a busy 'go see' day in the studio, working with make up artist Hannah Sorcha again. It was a fun, relaxed shoot with the last sunlight of the day streaming through the windows. I experimented with film and digital, I had my film cameras on hand as I was shooting for my project Femme before this.
Josh was a pleasure to photograph and it just felt like a natural collaboration.. I guess I'm saying I'm keen to expand my portfolio with more male photography! It kind of feels like a progression on from Femme too? & It's important to push yourself outside of your comfort zone isn't it?

25 August 2014


Tomorrow I return to work after a lovely six weeks off, as always this time has gone extremely quickly but I am very grateful for it. To be honest I haven't done all that much! Due to a few different things, we didn't go away on holiday but opted for days out & lots of relaxing at home. I done a few photo shoots too, pushing my Femme project further. Now I'm back to teaching I've got a lot of projects to plan for others but I'm also working on a few plans for my own photography so I'm sure you'll be seeing more from me soon...

18 August 2014

Ella & Kyra

Ella and Kyra are both new faces at Supa & worked with me on my recent Femme shoot in London. Make up & hair was done by Hannah Sorcha. They were all lovely to work with, both girls are very new to modelling and I love trying to show them through the photos I take, just how naturally beautiful they are.
I'm looking forward to another shoot for my project this week, it may be the last (at least for a while!) while I get the whole body of work together and decide where to go next.

12 August 2014


The lovely Charlie @ M+P Models with make up & hair by Hannah Sorcha. All of these are polaroid or 120mm film, with no retouching just scanned in. Photographed for Femme.

9 August 2014

All That Glitters Is Not Golden

I've kept this editorial offline for a while now, wanting to secure a good publication for it - this week it was released by Material Girl Magazine.
The actual shoot happened in February in London. I remember it being horrible weather & was glad I made the decision to book a studio, the occasional sunlight through the large windows also helped create most of the photos.
Stylist Danielle Goodman pulled in some brilliant pieces from independent London designers, I don't think I can pick a favourite from this... maybe the pom pom jacket as I love anything fluffy! The one piece I'll remember forever is the jacket filled with glitter and my little ponies, let's just say if you've worked with glitter before you'll know how it gets EVERYWHERE!
The beautiful model featured is Silvia from First, make up & nails were done by Adele Sanderson and hair by Ashley Lee. They were a brilliant team to work with - thank you all again!

1 August 2014


For Femme, the beautiful Louisa @ M+P Models, with make up and hair by Hannah Sorcha. These photos are all film, polaroid or 120mm, and haven't been retouched.

A Day At The Zoo