19 May 2015

Until The Dusk

I photographed this editorial at the end of November last year and have had to keep it hidden since then! We shot it for In Clover Magazine, for their second issue which can be bought in newsagents and online here. I had a small, but amazing, team on board: Annie Hertikova styled all of the clothing & accessories, assisted by Prexa. Adele Sanderson done both hair and make up and Lizzy @ Models 1 was the beauty in front of the lens.
I remember the day being a lot colder than it looks in the photos, though we were blessed with sunlight which streamed in through the studio windows and allowed me to shoot with this natural lighting only. I experimented with a range of analogue and digital photography, to produce the variety of outcomes I have chosen.
One strong element of this shoot is that in all of the final images Lizzy hasn't been retouched at all. I have done a few tweaks to exposure, colouring etc, at the most I removed a few blemishes on the film but not a single thing on Lizzy herself.
I'm really enjoying my experiments with analogue techniques and I hope that is portrayed well within my work. I've still got a couple more editorials that will soon be released too, as well as some outtakes from this shoot as it was too hard to narrow the final images down!

17 May 2015

A New Home

A while ago, my boyfriend and I decided to take a huge step in our lives.. relationship.. everything(!) and buy a house. That makes it sound so easy when I write it as a sentence but in reality it was such a journey and I'm glad we're out at the other side.
I've been quiet online recently as we went through this process and then upon getting the keys, the process of decorating and beginning to make it a home for us to move in to. We bought a beautiful old property that is over a hundred years old and has so much character. These photos show a glimpse of it before we decorated and began moving in. I've spent every spare minute painting, we uncovered original floorboards upstairs which have been sanded and brought back to life.. and yet we still have so much more to do - It's definitely an adventure - keep an eye on my Instagram for updates as we work our way through the long 'to do' list!

16 May 2015

BTS In Clover Magazine

All behind the scenes photos by Prexa.